GlobeVista Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Competition

GlobeVista Australasian Pip Spitting contestant, Michael Robertson, Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival 2006

GlobeVista Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Competition 2006

The GlobeVista Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Competition was held on the 15th December, 2006, in Manjimup. The town folk came to watch the New Zealand champion, Michael Robertson, take on the local lad, Paul Omodei, for the title of Australasian Pip Spitting Champion. After two quite average spits, Michael managed to regain his composure on his final attempt, to spit a distance of 11m and defend his title, which he won only a week prior to the event at Cromwell, New Zealand. Paul, however, will fly to Cromwell in 2007 to try and win back the title for Manjimup and Western Australia. Click here for more on the fun and mayhem of the 2006 Cherry Harmony Festival.

GlobeVista Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Competition 2007

Globevista Australasian cherry pip spitting, mark Vitler, Western AustraliaThe last we heard, Paul Omodei Jr, had just beaten Michael Roberston in Cromwell, New Zealand (taking out the Trans-Tasman trophy for pip spitting. As part of the  GlobeVista pip spitting deal, Michael (though he came second) was invited back to Manjimup to defend last years title.

Western Australia’s best spitters from across the State rocked up to the main street of Manjimup to try and beat the Kiwi champion. The huge crowd got behind the locals and especially Mt Baker’s cherry pip spitting champion, Mark Vitler, who was the favourite to take out this years trophy . Unfortunately Mark was “pipped” at the post, by a massive second spit by Michael. The spit was  officially recorded at a distance of 10.4 m. It wasn’t all bad news for Mark, he will head to Cromwell in New Zealand in 2008 to defend the title . Click to see more of the action at the 2007 Cherry Harmony Festival.


Press Release

Cherry Stone Spitters Spitting for National pride

Entertainment must be hard to come by over in Western Australia.

In July a bloke is flying all the way from Perth to Christchurch, hiring himself a car and driving up to Cromwell to address the Cromwell Promotions Group.

Why? To talk cherries and convince the group to take up his offer to fly the New Zealand cherry stone spitting champion all the way back to Western Australia for a major spit-off.

Once there he, or she, will meet intense competition for the right to be called the GlobeVista Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Champion. (Over there they call what is clearly a stone, a pip.)

Apparently there’s a cherry growing town in the deep south west of Australia where men can spit and women can too and at Manjimup’s annual

Cherry Harmony Festival over 3000 people gather around to watch the saliva spray.

The bloke’s name is Jon Doust and you would be forgiven for thinking he was stark raving: “I’m flying in because I love long white clouds and I reckon this could be the start of another great Trans Tasman rivalry,” he said.

“It won’t be easy, because spitting a cherry pip, or stone, is not like spitting the centre of other fruits, there’s skill and technique involved.

“Last year we flew the New South Wales Big Spitter over to Manjimup. He won in Young (Cherry Capital of Australia) with a breezy 14 metres but he won the Australian Championship in Manjimup with only 11 metres.

“Our local champ reckoned he was robbed in another Eastern States conspiracy and he’s been spitting chips ever since.”

Jon Doust arrives in Christchurch on July 5.

His web site:

For More Information


Phone: 61 8 92916704.

Mobile: 0419 858 963.


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